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The Sun is the source of life on the Earth. It provides us with energy in the form of light & heat which is very useful to us in every manner. Day by day new technologies get invented, we get a new chance to utilize this solar energy. We at Sunruf help & educate our customers to harness the power of the sun & use that energy to make wiser choices in life. We found the Sunruf to make personal solar energy consumption better, smarter,cleaner & affordable to everyone. To achieve this goal our team has deep-dived in the everyday energy needs of the Indian consumer. Sunruf Solar is one of the prominent companies in the Solar market of India, founded by Mr. Vivek Saurav, Mr. Abhishek Singh & Mr. Dixit Kumar in January 2021. Sunruf Solar provides EPC services like Project development, Rooftop solutions, Solar water heater, Solar inverters, Solar Water Pumps, Solar street lights, etc. Sunruf is a company that offers quality solar power plants & services in a seamless & integrated manner across all the major infrastructures that design, build & manage all solar assets. To provide all these services related to solar power systems we proudly say that Sunruf recommends only Made in India Products to Boost India's Economy. So, “आपका पैसा, आपके देश में”. Sunruf is a company that still loves to learn & grow in all manners. A motto of Sunruf solar is to encourage people to Go Green & use natural energy sources as much as possible.


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